Erotic Romance by Lyra Byrnes

Splendid! You have found my site. I’m thrilled to play hostess for fans of romance, with a naughty twist or a fade away to the curtains blowing in the breeze. The latest release is about a plain but brainy rock journalist trying to make it in a man’s realm and the sizzlingly sexy British rock star who shows her the way and awakens her inner desires. I love romance, I love love, and I love happily ever afters, as long as they take a feisty, steaming-hot path to get there.

I’m constantly inspired to stretch the limits of romantic fantasy and breathe life into the hunks of my dreams. Nothing is more fun than crafting scenarios for tough-to-tame dames and the men who master them. Throw in elements of light BDSM, hot spankings, the odd whip and a sturdy set of chains, and voila—naughty fun ensues. I also specialize in playful, mutually agreed-upon dubious consent. My girls fight back, they lose and everybody wins.

So slip between my covers and dream along with me.

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