Photo by Robert Warren

About Lyra Byrnes

I left a long career as an award-winning journalist, editor, critic and part-time university professor to “come out” as a secret scribbler of erotic romance. It started with randomly buying a book while picking up my monthly order at the local comic book store. (Yes, I’m a comics nerd.) It opened my eyes. These books can be good, even great, with terrific writing, deep characters and a fully realized world. This new crop of writers was tapping into women’s real desires, unlike the schmoopy romances of the ‘70s I grew up on. I sprinted out of the starting gate.

Within a year I put out three short novels and am steaming ahead on more. I am the recipient of the Rising Star Author for my debut novel, “Made To Be Broken,” now out of print but I’m working on getting it out again.

The proudest and most humiliating episode in my romance career was finishing “Domination” in three weeks despite spilling a glass of champagne on my keyboard. Four days later, I spilled a glass of wine on the reconstructed book (and the replacement laptop). Thank the heavens for patient computer tech guys!

“Domination” is a revised and expanded release by the Totally Bound imprint of the wonderful and supportive Totally Entwined Publishing. I’m thrilled to see my baby available, after its difficult birth. It’s hot, it’s smart and I poured my whole heart into it. Please enjoy!

I’ve learned that if you do what you love with enough passion, you can overcome any obstacle.