The Voodoo That You Do

The Voodoo That You Do
Publisher: Kindle Worlds | Date: 2017

510FBzukkyLJinx Delacourt is just trying to make a living telling fortunes in Assjacket, West Virginia, and stay one step ahead of the voodoo demon that cursed her. The good news is she’s truly psychic, and she has the help of Mojo, a know-it-all head trapped in a crystal ball. The bad news? She’s seen the future of a gum-snapping, airheaded bride-to-be, and now they’re both doomed to become concubines of the terrifying Mr. Doll.

Rye just wants to drink mimosas, take selfies and plan her wedding. But Jinx feels compelled to save her before the curse claims them both, and the distraction of a delicious but mysterious local mechanic isn’t helping. Draven might be the stud of her dreams or a devil in disguise. And why is Rye’s cute lawyer sniffing around? How’s a girl supposed to defeat an evil spirit, get her soul back, and work in a little yoga time, all before her fateful birthday?

She has only a week before her deadline, and it’s going to take a teenage ninja, a voodoo ceremony, a little witch magic and a whole lot of bubbly drinks to get through it.

The Voodoo That You Do is based on characters and settings from Robyn Peterman’s fantastic Magic & Mayhem series.